Slide Quality solutions to help you sell to schools We are committed to connecting schools and classrooms with best-in-class service providers,
who share our passion for education.
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Why work with us?

We take the guess work out of connecting educators with quality educational services.

All-In-One Sales & Marketing

We complete the circle for our clients’ inbound and outbound communication. Whether the need is project based, intermittent marketing consultation, seasonal outreach or full time sales staff, we can meet your needs.

Expertise in Education

By leveraging our years of experience in both the K12 and higher education markets, we guide our clients toward effective outreach strategies, and carry out implementation to exceed business goals.

Improved Communication

Having our suite of services under one roof means you are pulled in fewer directions. Important information is shared & strategies are aligned across departments. Our communication with you, your team & your customers is seamless & fast.

Skip the Interviews & Hiring

Consolidate your outsourcing and communication channels –
Save the headache and expense!

MJ is the only place where you’ll find experts in digital marketing, web development and inside sales, with an extensive knowledge of the education market. All of our services are customized to fit our clients’ business goals. If you are selling to the education market you need us on your side.


See what MJ can do for you!

Digital Marketing

We have a second to none digital inbound marketing team. We work to ensure that our clients’ products and services are optimized on all platforms for educators to learn about at a time that works for them.

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Web Design & Strategy

Our websites are developed with consideration for your goals and branding, and our team implements the latest tools and strategies to ensure that your website A. looks amazing, B. is optimized for search engine performance, and C. calls desired actions from your visitors.

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Inside Sales

We create and maintain relationships, secure purchase orders and continue to service your valued customers while building your sales funnel. We establish a seamless relationship between our reps and our clients, so that your customers see us as one company.

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We provide support for Google Education Ad Grant Recipients

Let us help you navigate Google’s ad requirements and maximize the performance of your digital marketing budget.

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We've been working with MJ Education Services for more than 2 years and our results are fantastic! We're very good at content and software development, but school/district relationship development is where MJ Education Services has bridged a real gap for us.  They've allowed us to focus on our products and services while they reach out to schools for test marketing projects and lead generation.