Higher Education

Who to Reach and When

Higher Education institutions are always in competition with each other for enrollment, and more and more each year they have to account for online and distance learning as well. It is important for any company selling to this space to understand how their service offering ultimately makes a campus more appealing and accommodating to new students.


Each department within an institution shares a unified goal in such areas as sustainability, energy saving, campus living and safety, but they all have their own ways of looking for solutions and improvements. In other words, there is not just one person that must be sold on your company. You have to know who to connect with to discuss your services, and how they benefit the institution.

Build Trust & Recognition

Whether you are focused on K-12, Higher Education, or both, our goal is to help you reach those many influencers and decision makers and build trust and recognition for your brand. We work to place you in front of educators and administrators with the value proposition they need. MJ offers a wide variety of expert marketing services because we know that there is no one service that will accomplish all of this. A successful strategy requires the use of multiple marketing tools. We’ll work with you to decide what blend of services makes the most sense for your company.

Remember – Education is about passion!

Passion for always improving the learning experience for students, and helping each child reach their full potential. If you share that passion, we want to help you tell your story.

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