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Some of the greatest classroom challenges have been solved in the last 10 years thanks to innovative app and software developers. As technology becomes more and more ubiquitous with education new challenges will arise that will require new ingenious solutions. It is a rapidly growing market.

Rarely is there only one app designed to address a problem- there are competing solutions in nearly every area of edtech, and it’s not always the case that the first to arrive is also the best in its class. On the contrary, apps and software are often created in response to a market that is dissatisfied with the available solutions, and they are born with the benefit of research and data gathered to improve upon their predecessors.

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Stand out from the crowd

With so much out there, the most difficult challenge for any app or software is standing out from the crowd. How do you convey to your prospects that you are different from the competitors? Why should an educator use your product over any other? Perhaps you have made significant changes to your app to improve performance – but how do you get the word out?

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MJ has years of experience in helping companies to differentiate their technology products from competitors. We can help you to tell your story through an effective website, or design strategic campaigns in digital marketing, or schedule and provide online demonstrations to decision makers, with an experienced staff that understands how to communicate the value of your product.

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Service Providers

Outside of the classroom are administrative offices, IT coordinators, maintenance and facilities managers, security officers, busing coordinators, and many others all dedicated to ensuring the daily operations of their institution run safely and smoothly. Depending on the size of an institution, these titles change and many personnel will wear several hats. Major purchasing decisions are made after input is gathered from a number of these influencers.

Identifying the best contact or contacts with whom to discuss your services can be challenging. So can identifying the right time to begin the conversation. MJ has experience working with all titles within schools, districts and higher education institutions. We can help you to strategize the best targets based on titles, institution size and type, buying cycles and RFP or bond history.

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