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There are multiple contacts involved in school and district purchases, but the greatest group of influencers is the teachers. They know where the gaps are in their classroom and they are constantly searching to find new ways to help. Teachers have their fingers on the pulse of education technology, and they will become champions of the products they use. However, they are too busy throughout the day to pick up a phone. You can’t reach them with a conventional selling approach.

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Inbound Marketing

That’s why we have a second to none digital inbound marketing team. We work to ensure that our clients’ products and services are optimized on all platforms for educators to learn about at a time that works for them.

From a “Front of the house” perspective, we help our clients differentiate themselves from other peripheral services, so they can feel confident that they are connecting with relevant, interested prospects and telling the right story. This includes the ads they see, the copy they read, the posts with which they engage and the sites they visit.

Customized Strategies

Behind the scenes, we will provide consultation and execute strategies to optimize site performance, launch deeply researched, targeted Google Ads, and track site activity in order to provide detailed reporting and adjust strategically where needed.

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Digital Marketing Solutions

Search Engine Marketing

We believe that nobody knows what teachers need or when they need it more than teachers. The key is making sure they find your solution when they begin their search. MJ works to ensure your brand consistently appears in online search results that are relevant to your services and the pains you address. Schools are looking for you right now! Through highly targeted, data-driven tactics, we will
improve your visibility for specific keywords, leveraging both paid and organic results (PPC and SEO).

Not only will we improve your visibility, but we also create listings that are highly marketable, engaging, and actionable. There are many companies trying to reach educators, so we want to make sure your message and call to action is clear for anyone visiting your site. Our goal isn’t only to grow your web traffic, but to make your web traffic more valuable and increase your conversion rate.

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Social Media

It feels trite to state that social media is a vital component to increase brand awareness. However, as universally understood as this fact is, many companies struggle with how to leverage these outlets in an effective way. Often they just invest in platform ads, resulting in an intrusive method of advertising that negatively interrupts your target audience’s social experience. At MJ, we avoid this by helping our clients to create meaningful content that builds trust with their prospects without bombarding their timeline with promotions and overused, salesy tactics.

Using effective social media strategies and generating powerful and informative posts is paramount in our marketing goal, and each post is carefully crafted to cater to each platform’s respective mechanics to better integrate our content with your feed. Unlike many organizations, we understand that we aren’t working with the media platform, but with real people. Therefore, we also heavily focus on the organization of our profiles for anyone to seamlessly navigate the brand without getting sucked in by flashy advertisements or put off by cheesy, pop culture references.

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Display Advertising

Display Advertising is one of the most delicate avenues of digital marketing. While it can be incredibly effective, it can easily become either A. annoying, or B. completely invisible, to your target audience. Companies spend countless dollars on these ads, but without expert guidance they are missing out on major returns. MJ focuses on using Display ads to build awareness among new audiences or increase consideration with existing audiences through retargeting. Deciding on the best approach for your goals is imperative from the very beginning. Do you want to retarget users visiting your site with specific product advertisements? Do you want to focus on conversions, or building brand recognition?

MJ will help you to answer these questions, and help you to find the balance between a wide reach and a relevant audience. With all of our ads we conduct advanced A/B testing and closely track results so that we are always improving the effectiveness of our campaigns. MJ will work to ensure you are getting the best possible return on your digital advertising dollars.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing can be a very effective way to communicate with potential and current customers, but many companies today are doing it wrong and frankly, giving this approach a bad name. We all receive countless emails every day from various companies, offering deep discounts on X item, and we keep receiving the emails, even though we never read them. This is the wrong way to do email marketing.

At MJ, we do Email Marketing the right way. Using personalization, conducting quality maintenance on our lists, and leveraging the opportunity to communicate overall value rather than product discounts helps our clients to build a strong brand amongst their prospects.

We don’t just simply handle the logistics of mass emailing. MJ will work with you to develop the messaging and presentation of each email, to ensure they are strategically designed to build a trusting customer base for your company – one that engages with your emails rather than ignoring them.

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