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Extend Your Salesforce

Perhaps you are a company of content creators or service providers, and selling is not your expertise, or you simply don’t have the time to spend on it. Hiring a sales manager and representatives can be a huge undertaking, in both time and cost. What if you only need the sales department fully staffed at peak season?

At MJ, we create and maintain relationships, secure purchase orders and continue to service your valued customers while building your sales funnel. We establish a seamless relationship between our reps and our clients, so that your customers see us as one company.

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Educational Sales Management

With years of calling exclusively into the education market, we understand the unique challenges of selling to educators, both in K12 and higher education. With MJ, you’re not just hiring sales representatives – You have years of education sales management experience to rely on. We work with you to:

Create sales strategies
As you will see below, we are experts in a variety of strategic selling approaches. We can manage every aspect of the sales cycle, following a prospect from a cold call to a closed sale, to an ongoing managed account. We can help you determine the best path forward.
Align with marketing to execute campaign launches
Whether you have your own marketing team, or you are working with ours, we establish clear communication with those overseeing the marketing efforts, in order to maximize the effectiveness of both marketing and sales.
Design tracking and reporting
We have experience with just about every CRM in the book. We are comfortable with integrating into your system, or managing our activities through a CRM of our own. Either way we will provide you with detailed reporting, including dials, outcomes, conversion rates, conversation notes and inference/reflection statements with which we can respond and adjust our strategy where necessary.
Facilitate continued training of sales staff
In addition to training on your company and products, our team is constantly reviewing selling strategies and practices, and trends in education sales. We work to keep our tools sharp!

With any project, communication with our clients is paramount to our success. We make sure our activities are seamless and transparent for your review. We provide reports on dial records, contact rates, outcome percentages, conversion rates and more. We also breakdown prospect responses by category and include full call detail, along with call recordings and call feedback reports. These reports can be provided as regularly as every day.

Our inside sales team looks forward to partnering with you to help exceed your business goals. Contact us today to start the conversation.



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Lead Generation

There are approximately 98,000 public schools, 34,000 private schools and nearly 5,500 colleges and universities in the country. Your sales force could be working around the clock and still be too busy with the qualifying stage to focus on closing new business. Or perhaps they’re closing, but they’re not seeing any new doors open, so it’s back to the beginning of the sales cycle. If your team is trying to manage both ends of the selling process, your business is leaving opportunity on the table.

You need someone qualifying potential customers for you. The problem is, most lead generation services lack a deep understanding of the education market. Unlike the experienced sales representatives you carefully selected for your team, many B2B firms are unfamiliar with the procurement processes and hierarchy of both school districts and higher education institutions.

We understand the importance of having that education expertise, and pride ourselves in the experience and continued training of our staff. When you start a project with MJ, you will work with reps that are knowledgeable about the market, and ready to become experts of your product and company messaging. We can log our activities directly into your company’s CRM for moment to moment tracking. Our management team can create and generate reports from your own CRM account, or we can host the project from our own systems and provide daily reports.

We work closely with you to ensure that we communicate and operate as an extension of your sales team, to make the right introductions and uncover the best opportunities for your company.

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Setting Appointments

An important aspect of managing the sales funnel for any organization is scheduling appointments to meet with qualified prospects. This can be challenging, because not only do you need to confirm interest and qualify the lead, but you have to work through the logistics of when to meet, where and how, what to cover, etc. And if you’re a sales rep on the road, it’s nearly impossible to find the time to complete these activities. At the same time, it can be scary letting go of control over your schedule, and handing it to a lead generation team.

Our team has years of experience managing calendars for field reps on a multitude of platforms, including Google, Outlook, Salesforce, Calendly and others. We keep in consideration travel time and distance, time zones, expense budgets, and maintaining high standards of what qualifies as a “lead”, so we aren’t wasting anyone’s time. We send detailed reminders to field reps and prospects prior to the
meeting date. We also provide detailed reporting and thorough notes to your field reps to ensure they have everything they need for a successful sales meeting.

MJ staff will work with each of your sales reps to create strategies that work for their regions and goals. We prioritize clear communication at every step, so that your sales reps have confidence in their travel plans, and feel assured in the value of their scheduled sales meetings.

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Product Demos

For many software or app developers, a demonstration of the product is crucial in the early stages of the sales cycle. It is a key component to differentiating the components of your product from competitors. It gives you the chance to offer a detailed overview of product functionality and user interface, as well as address questions or concerns brought up by your prospects.

Our team will connect with prospects, qualify interest and facilitate online demonstrations of your product, for individuals or for groups. We have years of experience in the EdTech space, and we understand the priorities that teachers consider in regard to classroom technology, which is why we are experts at positioning products so that they are best aligned with the interests of educators. We don’t just present your product’s features- we relate them to the goals of the classroom.

We have experience using most popular webinar hosting and screen sharing services, including Google Meet, GoTo Meeting, Join.Me, Webex and others. We also provide you with robust reporting including feedback from each product demo and a webinar recording to review on your own time.

Contact us today to start demonstrating your product to prospects located all over the country.

Closing Sales

MJ’s expertise does not stop at qualifying leads and handing over opportunities. Our staff takes care of the entire process, from cold calls to close. We also step in if you already have a list of qualified leads that need to be converted to sales.

We are 100% committed to education, both in our focus market and our company ethos. We conduct weekly training activities and exercises, and our staff participates in sales certification programs. We also train our staff on processing orders and issuing POs through our clients’ own systems. We have years of experience with multiple CRMs, including Salesforce, Hubspot, Infusionsoft, Zendesk, and many others. We can also host your project on our own CRM or Google Sheet if it’s preferred. We will take care of the logistics for you, and ensure that accurate new customer data is recorded within your own database for continued nurturing and relationship management.

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Account Management

Happy customers are the lifeblood of any business, but maintaining those relationships internally can be a costly investment, and it often keeps sales reps from finding new customers. Outsourcing this responsibility is a high risk decision, and requires full confidence that your partner company understands your business, is fluent in the language of your industry, and will service your customers with the same care you would offer them.

MJ will maintain regular touchpoints with your customers, handle inbound calls and email inquiries, cross sell and upsell, and more. We accomplish all of this with a seamless integration, including email accounts and a phone line branded with your company name. Your customers will feel they are dealing directly with the company, rather than a third party.

As is the case with all of our services, we will provide regular reporting on all account activity, and we will provide call recordings and feedback assessments to ensure quality care is being delivered.

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